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The Lifan Group have been manufacturing and selling innovative and value driven products worldwide for over 20 years. Lifan products are distributed in over 100 countries from North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa to Australia. The Lifan Group specialise in technology development, manufacturing and exportation of motor vehicles, motorcycles and power equipment. Over the years the Lifan Group have grown to become one of the largest enterprises in China, employing over 9000 staff. The Lifan Group have a strong reputation for the quality of their power equipment, which include petrol engines, generators, petrol powered water pumps and pressure washers.

Lifan Power Australia is the only Authorised Company by the Lifan Group Chongqing to distribute Lifan Power Equipment to the Australian market. For the past 7 years’ Lifan Power Australia has built a strong and reliable Dealership Network and still growing today.

Be aware in the Australian market there are copies of Lifan products and also products branded Lifan that are imported through Chinese Trading Companies. These Companies offer little warranty and no spare parts back up. Be aware.

Lifan Power Australia offer an exclusive 3 year warranty when buying a pre-delivered unit through our Dealership network.

For all enquiries contact Lifan Power Australia at sales@lifanpower.com.au


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